Once In a while I like to participate in Gamejams, where I develop games in a short periode of time (2 to 3 days)

Here are the links to the games I created:

Ludum Dare 42: “Final Push”

 – Theme: Running Out of Space
(Everything made by me)

Final Push is a game where you push crates into walls and try to arrive at the final stage to defeat a teleporting robot.
The character’s name is Rik. The Robot is called Robobo.


W – move up
S – move down
A – move left
D – move right
Space: push crates
Esc: exit game
Backspace: restart game

Ludum Dare 41: “Kinbaku”
Cover pic.PNG

– Theme: Two Genres
(code by Micro, graphics and music made by me)

Welcome to the Temple Caves! Your name is John Treavor and you have only 1 task, escape these caves! Climb climb climb!!! Everything will try to stop you! so don’t stop climbing!

Controls in the Game

W OR Arrow Key UP – Move up / Climb up

A OR Arrow Key LEFT – Switch to rope on the left

D OR Arrow Key RIGHT – Switch to rope on the right

S OR Arrow Key DOWN – Slide down on the rope

Esc – to end the game
R – to restart the game

Ludum Dare 38: “SittingDucks”Capture.JPG

Theme: A Small World
(code done by Iak, graphics and music made by me)

The included .ini file allows to alter the keyboard, screen or sound settings.

Default keys:

W – Jump
A – move left
S – sit (lay eggs!)
D – move right
ESC – exit game
R – restart

Used tools:

  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Photoshop
  • Wacom Tablet
  • WolframTones (for Music generation)
  • sfxr (program to generate 8- and 16 bit sounds)

Executable (windows only) and Source Code

 Ludum Dare 37: “Find the Room”

-Theme: One Room
(code done by Iak, graphics and music made by me)


Q – Menu
WASD – The usual stuff, up left, down, right
E – Interact

Executable (may cause issues with some antivirus programs)

Compressed (this shouldn’t cause issues with antivirus programs)

Installer (Not sure why you’d want this, but just in case here you go)

 Ludum Dare 32: “Riddix’ Dialogue Adventures”

-Theme: An Unconventional Weapon
(code done by Iak, graphics and music done by me)

More information on the game page.