So here you can find small games, which are related to a Roleplaying series, much like my written stories are. I make these together with Daniel whenever where is time for a fun little project we can do on the side.

Franco Minigame:
Franco is an intelligent, but oftentimes nervous man who has a wish to strive for personal success despite growing up in a world where being in harmony with nature is considered the ultimate goal of all inhabitants. As the views he gained from reading old books about the distance past clash with society time and time again and an unforeseen catastrophe threatens his city – he ignores the pharmacists guidance and attempts to steal medical herbs to calm himself.

Franco Minigame executable (may cause false virus warning on some machines)

Franco Minigame compressed (zip file alternative, should fix virus warnings)

[None of the games listed here are commercial products and any relation to anything is purely coincidental – these games are based on a role-playing multiverse wherein laws and sense of morals can greatly differ from our own. If any of the products offend you regardless, then be reminded that you are being offended by fictional characters who live under circumstances that may be physically impossible in our reality.]